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The Legal Stuff

So, you're either bored or a legal-eagle with a suit that costs more than a brand new car. This is the legal stuff that we were advised should be included by a guy in a red suit with a crisp high-five.


This website has been built by HeWhoWillBe, a level 60 summoner and Marvel Contest of Champions 'Fan-Boy'. is not endorsed by, connected to, working for, in love with, or a drinking buddy of either the superhero legend Marvel or game developer KaBam. All rights and legal stuff to do with their brands, characters, products and preferred choice of holiday destination belong to them; we're not here to tread on any toes, honest governor.

Warranty comes with absolutely no warranty of any kind, no money back guarantees, no nothing – simply what you see is what you get, nothing more, nothing less. If you get a virus or malware when surfing sites, you should stop being cheap and invest in some internet security, seriously don't start that, we take no responsibility.

Content & Images would love to take full credit for the site, however credit where credit is due. Kudos to the Marvel Contest of Champions Wiki which helped fill in some data gaps with champion availability and especially Braden Woods aka RapidsLurker15 for taking the time to upload the champion portraits and featured images under the CC-BY-SA license.


We got cookies, but sadly not the sweet smelling homemade kind like momma used to bake. does use session cookies for parts of the site, it's how we know which champions you select and how they will react when placed in a team. Sure, block cookies if you want, but please note that parts of the site won't work without them so don't come crying to us.

Privacy has no interest in your personal information, we can safely say we don't care what cereal you eat, shoes you wear or football team you support. Sure we know your ip address, the pages you visit and when you leave but this information is only used to make a better place to visit. You might also find some adverts around the site, don't fret, that's just Google Ads, they help keep the lights on. As to what information Google records; I don't think they're even 100% sure but feel free to ask them.

Questions or Complaints?

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